20 companies answer the Carbon Call to strengthen carbon accounting 

New signatories, including BCG, ENGIE, PwC, SAS Institute Inc., and Tata Consultancy Services, join initiative to improve the reliability and interoperability of greenhouse gas accounting

SAN FRANCISCO – June 5, 2022 – On a historic World Environment Day, the Carbon Call announced that 20 additional companies have joined the initiative to strengthen the reliability and interoperability of the planet’s carbon accounting system. Together with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the Carbon Call welcomed the following new signatories to help mobilize collective action to improve carbon accounting: AmpUp, BCG, Boers & Co Precision Solutions, Cabify, Carbon Intelligence, CarbonLaces, ClimateCHECK, Compology, ENGIE, Etrify, KBR Inc., nZero, Pawprint, PwC, Radicle, SAS Institute Inc., Tata Consultancy Services, Tricon Energy, Ultima, and Watershed. 

“Companies today still anticipate a significant error rate in emissions measurements,” said Jean-Charles Seghers, senior advisor, the Carbon Call. “We must address the major gap between reported greenhouse gas emissions and actual emissions to track global progress and avoid the worst outcomes from climate change. We welcome these new companies to our collaborative effort aimed at doing just that by strengthening carbon accounting, so it is more reliable and consistent.”

Launched in February 2022, the Carbon Call now has 40 organizations representing scientific, corporate, philanthropic, and intergovernmental sectors working together to address gaps in the global carbon accounting system. The Carbon Call focuses on strengthening corporate GHG emissions by considering areas such as advances in new data sources and scientific understanding, artificial intelligence and machine learning, evolving regulations, and how different corporations are currently accounting for GHG emissions.

The Carbon Call recently formed an expert advisory group to develop a roadmap for more robust carbon accounting. The roadmap’s goals will be to assess science and data needs and explore the ability of different GHG accounting software platforms and organizations, data providers, and GHG ledgers to exchange information and the limitations of interoperability constraints. An initial draft is anticipated to be released in August 2022 ahead of COP27. 

“Accurate GHG measurement is the cornerstone of the Paris Agreement and essential to a net-zero future,” said David Jensen, coordinator of the digital transformation subprogramme at the UNEP, a participating organization in the Carbon Call. “The Carbon Call is a vital initiative to complement existing efforts so we can accelerate climate action globally. As millions of governments, businesses, civil society, and communities gather today to celebrate environmental action, we encourage more companies to join the Carbon Call.”

The Carbon Call includes signatories and participating organizations. Signatories support the enabling conditions needed for a more reliable global system of interoperable carbon accounting reports and commit to report GHG emissions and offset information comprehensively, including all scopes and classes of GHG emissions, annually and transparently. Participating organizations are active contributors to the Carbon Call’s mission and participate in the expert advisory group.

The Carbon Call will contribute to Impact Initiative 4 of the new #CODESActionPlan for a Sustainable Planet in the Digital Age launched at Stockholm+50 as part of the UN Secretary General’s Roadmap for Digital Cooperation.

The Carbon Call is welcoming new signatories. To learn more about joining the Carbon Call, visit https://carboncall.org/join/.


About the Carbon Call

The Carbon Call is a new initiative to improve the reliability and interoperability of greenhouse gas accounting. Hosted by ClimateWorks Foundation, the Carbon Call mobilizes collective action, investment, and resources from scientific, corporate, philanthropic, and intergovernmental organizations to leverage recent scientific advances and digital technologies to strengthen comparability among existing accounting systems and transparency initiatives. For more information about the Carbon Call, visit https://carboncall.org

Media Contact ClimateWorks Foundation: Jennifer Rigney, jennifer.rigney@climateworks.org 

What new signatories are saying


“AmpUp was founded to bring clean transportation to more people. Every day, we help charging station owners and EV drivers understand their positive impact on GHG emission reduction through innovative technology that tracks energy consumption. As a signatory to the Carbon Call, AmpUp is committed to using and developing our technology to track and report on carbon emission reductions, building upon a larger effort to create a more reliable carbon accounting system.”

Matthew Bloom, director for strategic partnerships, AmpUp


“Climate change is the defining challenge of our times and a top priority for BCG. Achieving global net-zero must start with a reliable, global, and robust system for measuring and reporting emissions. We are proud to join the Carbon Call and are committed to supporting this initiative through building our own capabilities to support our clients with their climate strategies, measurement, and actions, and leading by example through our own net-zero commitment and actions.”

Hubertus Meinecke, managing director and senior partner; global leader, Climate & Sustainability Practice, BCG

Boers & Co Precision Solutions

“By Joining the Carbon Call we make our goal to reduce our impact on the environment visible for our employees, customers and suppliers. This will encourage us to raise and achieve our goals.”

Ronald Koot, CEO, Boers & Co Precision Solutions


“At Cabify, we are aware of the situation the planet is facing, and we are working hard to offer mobility services based on sustainability, safety, quality, and diversity — positioning ourselves as an alternative to private cars. In this regard, ride-hailing services and various electric, micromobility options are favorable solutions for shared mobility that reduce the percentage of emissions generated by transport and the number of vehicles circulating in our cities.”

Juan de Antonio, founder and CEO, Cabify

Carbon Intelligence

“Data is at the root of impact. Data is at the root of change. Data is at the root of transition. As a pioneer in carbon accounting, we welcome this collective action to surface the data needed to drive the global business community’s transition to net zero.”

 – Jonathan Sykes, executive chair, Carbon Intelligence 


“CarbonLaces is excited to be part of the Carbon Call to deliver transparency in carbon accounting with verified data.”

Madhuban Kumar, CEO, CarbonLaces


“The Carbon Call initiative to advance and improve measurement, reporting, and verification solutions for GHG emissions and related climate actions is an essential contribution to empower stakeholders to have trusted, data-driven intelligence to enable better decision making in pursuit of the Paris Agreement goals. As a long-term active stakeholder in the climate and sustainability sectors, ClimateCHECK is pleased to leverage its expertise and networks in support of the Carbon Call initiative.”

Tom Baumann, CEO, ClimateCHECK


“As a company providing technology that enables businesses and governments not only to more easily, accurately, regularly, and transparently report their GHG emissions from waste generation, but also to drive zero waste goals with higher-quality data, Compology supports the Carbon Call’s initiative to strengthen a more reliable carbon accounting system for the betterment of our planet.”

Jason Gates, CEO, Compology


“Better measurement, reporting, and verification of GHG emissions will help reach the goals of the Paris Agreement. ENGIE has published a GHG emissions report on all three scopes annually since 2016. As a signatory of the Carbon Call initiative, ENGIE wishes to renew its commitment to increased market transparency on GHG emissions. ENGIE will also bring its expertise as a Participating Company to the Carbon Call initiative towards its objective to accelerate efforts to strengthen the comparability among the existing accounting systems and transparency initiatives.”

Julia Maris, CSR vice president, ENGIE


“Our entire company is dedicated to GHG reporting and transparency. Etrify’s mission is to make carbon transparency the norm in business, so it’s great to see the Carbon Call initiative helping accelerate this. We are proud to support the movement of businesses being transparent about their emissions as a signatory.”

Jason Hale, co-founder, Etrify

KBR Inc.

“We have committed to a net-zero strategy that aligns with the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency in our operations. We have mapped the risks that climate change can present to our business, both physically and transitionally, and are working toward mitigating those risks by meeting near- and long-term carbon reduction targets.”

 – Stuart Bradie, CEO, KBR Inc.


“We’re honored to be an official signatory and active participant of the Carbon Call in support of our mission to help more companies reach their net zero goals. At nZero, we’re working to set a new standard for GHG data accuracy through our 24/7 emissions tracking technology because you can’t change what you can’t measure. We welcome the opportunity to work with other members of the Carbon Call and offer our unique expertise to create a roadmap for a future where all organizations have access to accurate, standardized, and reliable data because we’re confident that is where we’ll find real impact in the fight against climate change.”

Adam Kramer, CEO of nZero


“Pawprint exists to empower and amplify climate action. We know that to credibly support our clients to walk the walk, we must do the same. Despite being a young company, we are committed to maintaining high standards with regard to monitoring and reducing our own emissions in line with science-based targets and to encouraging those we work with to align with verified global standards as they navigate the pathway to net zero.”

Christian Arno, founder and CEO, Pawprint


“If we are to achieve the pace and scale of action required to tackle climate change, we need collective action and investment from businesses across the world. The Carbon Call is helping to drive these efforts by bringing together organisations to create and build trust in a globally aligned and interoperable system for measuring and recording data used for GHG accounting. PwC is proud to be part of this initiative as we work to deliver sustained outcomes for our clients that will help accelerate action on climate change.”

Emma Cox, global climate leader, PwC


“Data is such a powerful tool when it comes to driving change and accelerating climate action. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. For the past 14 years, we’ve been helping businesses accurately measure their impact on the planet and creating strategic plans together on how to reduce their emissions. We’re excited to join the Carbon Call’s initiative and help drive more action.”

Saj Shapiro, president of Radicle

SAS Institute Inc.

“Reducing environmental impacts and ensuring the continued availability of natural resources is a shared responsibility that starts with intentional and ambitious goals and actions.”

Jerry Williams, chief environmental officer, SAS Institute Inc.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

“The need to decarbonize the planet has become a priority among world leaders, and while many enterprises have set net-zero emissions goals, the tactics are individualistic. At TCS, we believe an ecosystem-led approach is imperative to creating reliability and interoperability for carbon accounting. That is why TCS is proud to join the Carbon Call, where we can partner with like-minded organizations to improve carbon accounting systems globally and ultimately help achieve a net-zero emissions future.”

Kamal Upreti, vice president and head of industry group, Tata Consultancy Services

Tricon Energy

“At Tricon, we believe transparent, accessible carbon footprint data can help enable markets for low carbon products and services and empower both our company and our stakeholders to make more climate-conscious decisions. We actively seek partnerships that contribute to this goal and are happy to sign on to the Carbon Call commitment to promote cross-industry collaboration on carbon accounting.”

Elizabeth Carlson, chief sustainability officer, Tricon Energy


“We are proud to join the Carbon Call, an initiative to build reliable and interoperable carbon accounting across the planet. For our industry to achieve its full potential to contribute to human progress and protect nature, we must reduce our emissions to net zero and operate in line with science-based targets. We see digitisation and decarbonisation moving in lockstep to ensure that digitisation and reliable data act as a driver for change in the next decade and beyond. We will be placing digital at the centre of our organisation’s decarbonisation journey, as global momentum accelerates towards a net zero future.”

 Tamsin Ashmore, chief financial officer, Ultima


“Behind our global carbon accounts are millions of individual decisions by companies about how to craft their products, manage their buildings, move the goods they buy and sell, and choose their suppliers. At Watershed, our mission is to empower companies to make these decisions in ways that collectively bend the curve of carbon emissions to zero. The Carbon Call is bringing key players together from across the ecosystem to advance the state-of–the art for carbon measurement in this critical moment for action — and we’re delighted to be a part of that.”

Taylor Francis, co-founder, Watershed